• Saving ahead

    We like saving non-uniques when it’s safe!

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    Dimanche 23 Septembre 2018 à 12:57
    Well played. What do you think of saving Y4+W4 immediately with a 4 clue? I can see how you are conveying additional information about both W4 and Y4 by offering dean to discard them, but is that really worth risking them getting discarded with W3/Y2Y3 already on the board?
    Dimanche 23 Septembre 2018 à 18:44

    I may have realized a bit late that I had y2 y3, making me not want to save y4. We were low on clues, so maybe it could be a w2 I had, not y2. You have a point, but I guess I initially didn’t want to mark four cards out of six with low-priority cards.

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