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    In several 2-player games, I found myself wishing my teammate discarded from the left instead of from the right, because it would make things much easier to handle.

    So I’m thinking it would be good if there were a way to warn your teammate in such situations. The first thing that occurs to me is an empty clue.


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    Dimanche 17 Décembre 2017 à 04:16

    Do you just want to create totally artificial convention, beri? ;)

    First thing that occurs to me is that empty clue is very informative clue that gives a lot of info about somebodys hand. Using it as a conventional 'pls discard differently' button is restraining from using it when we just want to communicate exactly what it does: you have no cards of a kind, AND I don't wanna to mark any card yet. So logically it's kinda against what you mean (you want to save chop cards instead left, and that suggest that any marking would be done only after discarding - most likely typically)...

    As for being logical, it's important to be consistent, is it not? And as for that, I don't see a way of logically making the partner discard left instead chop (in let's say 1 or 2 clues) - as long as we don't expect it after him each time.

    Lundi 18 Décembre 2017 à 23:10

    Oh I would hate to create an artificial convention, you know me ;).

    But when you see that a bottomdeck 2 can ruin the game, you start saving them. Likewise, when you see that discarding from the right from the beginning can hurt, why not find a way to make it change occasionally? It’s more like learning a lesson from your experience and finding a counter.

    I don’t remember finding myself in a situation like the one you describe. But I could imagine: if you give such a strange clue it’s gonna mean you need to give that info to handle near future discards. And these discards are only near future because your teammate discards from the right. If they discard from the left, it’s most probably gonna make it easier for you to handle things.

    Maybe I was unclear about one thing: this trick concerns only the player’s starting hand, because then the cards are all the same age.

    I can see that discard switch prove to be quite handy.

    Vendredi 22 Février 2019 à 10:28

    Someone else had this idea recently:


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