• Logical leftism – in a nutshell

    Leftism (playing leftmost when several cards are clued) logically results from the following efficient principle:

    one should clue playables as soon as possible (ASAP)
    (otherwise the clue might be made worse by future draws)


    OK. Now, if you extend this logically:

    1) A clue that is not given asap = not a play clue

    2) IF the following conditions are met, [given asap] means [play left]
    a- the clue is not on chop
    b- the clued cards are not the same age (starting cards)
    c- it is 100% true to say: “if the playable card were not the newest among them, they would have clued me earlier” (the “wait factor”)
    Consequence: you can still "play left", but only if the situation logically allows.

    3) In any other context, [given asap] does NOT mean [play left]

    Because in many situations, it was not possible for your teammates to give the clue earlier, for a number of reasons (click me). In these cases, you cannot logically deduce where the playable card is and the clue should therefore not be considered an immediate play clue and you should NOT play leftmost.
    Consequence: not all off-chop clues mean "play left", so you may sometimes safely clue cards that are in reverse order.


    The end result is a less systematic, more analytic, more situational playstyle than what you may know, where you don’t always play leftmost.



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