• New rightism case?

    (What is rightism?) A number of times I came across situations where I received a multicard clue including my second chop and it felt more logical to play rightmost. Would we be discovering a new case of rightism?

    The following case shows this from the other point of view.

    – B4 is the last played card
    – we’ve been low on clues for a few turns (0-0-1-0-0-0-1)
    – I want to clue blue (play right, then discard left) so that I can save G4 later

    New rightism case?

    Looks like a new case of rightism to me. Any arguments for leftism?

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    Mercredi 30 Mai 2018 à 13:41

    Rightism is good for saving and Leftism is good for playing fast.

      • Mercredi 30 Mai 2018 à 15:51

        In this case, rightism would serve both purposes.

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