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  • What would you have done?

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  • Quite an interesting case I came across during a game. What would you have done?

    Once you have seen the video, read more about these cases here.

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  • To be able to wrap your head around LL and figure out the logic behind it by yourself, you need to know the few basics that follow:

    1) You still discard from the right. There is no reason not to do so from the very beginning of the game, because you need to be predictable for your teammates.
    Doing otherwise would only be dangerously random. See here.

    2) A ‘play’ clue should be given as soon as possible (i.e. as soon as it is most efficient). Otherwise, your teammate might draw some card that will make the clue less efficient.
    Leftism logically results from this simple principle – when you receive an off-chop clue that hits multiple cards, ask yourself “could they have clued me earlier?

    - yes: strongly consider playing the newest one
    - no: strongly consider holding your cards

     3) A ‘save’ clue should be given as late as possible. This way, by the time you clue the card you need to save, you may save another similar card along with it, or clue it along with one to be played, all for just one clue instead of two.


    For applications of these principles into logical leftism, see this short guide.

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  • CL players trying to do something clever that the codes of CL would make a disaster:


    Situation Convention Logic
    I’m having lunch. The food needs more salt and the salt is within arm’s reach of my brother. How can I do???

    Uh… brother of mine, not that I would like to interrupt your meal in an unpleasant way, but please, if you do not mind, would you be so kind as to pass me the salt that is next to you. I hope I am not bothering you too much with my request and I will certainly return the favour when the opportunity arises. Thank you so very much. Kind regards.

    Pass me the salt.

    Same situation + we’re guests.

    same + an extra fun layer of feeling of guilt towards the lady/man of the house, who might think their food is not good enough or salted enough.

    Pass me the salt.



     To be continued…

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