• Case study #1 – yello’gic

    Quite an interesting case I came across during a game. What would you have done?

    Once you have seen the video, read more about these cases here.

    « CL is simpler, I swearCase study #2 - Play left? Really? »

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    Dimanche 28 Mai 2017 à 11:29

    In the moment yellow was clued, I think I would assume yellow 2 and 4 (in any order) on chop yellows. If 2 was chop and 4 not next-chop, 2 clue is more useful. If 4 was chop and 2clue not next to it, better 4 clue and 2/yellow clue later. (Though the other is more questionable due to few non-playable 4s not seen.)

    What do you think of discarding first yellow then instead?

    What clue would be done in case of 3y 4r 2y 4y 5r?

      • Lundi 29 Mai 2017 à 14:08

        I did consider discarding leftmost yellow, but I may have thought that my partner couldve clued Y2 x x Y Y4 fearing that I drew another yellow or multi after discarding my middle yellow, but that made little sense at second thought.

        I think discarding leftmost yellow was definitely the thing to do.


        With Y3 R4 Y2 Y4 R5, I would see:

        - you clue R
        - I discard Y4
        - you clue 2

    Dimanche 28 Mai 2017 à 11:45

    BTW It reminded me about the "yellow logic" linked below. A bit "CL-ish" (3y play, though I think it would be LL reading too) but nice example anyway (example 1).


      • Lundi 29 Mai 2017 à 14:09

        Although I’m not sure why you wasted a clue after being clued 1, great job with yellow!!

    Vendredi 9 Juin 2017 à 23:02

    Very nice!

    However, to play Y4 as you did, I think you had more information about your hand that we do not have in this video (or you know how your partner thinks, or just got lucky), because you did not fully explain how you knew you had a Y4,as one of your two yellows, and not Y1 and Y3.

    …. Right here is where I erased my long logical argument that you got lucky, then I remembered something simple you did not point out at the start, so I rewrote my feedback....

    Assuming you were both trying to get the Y1 played as soon as you could, you did not have Y1, otherwise the the other player would have given you that hint much sooner. (This is true because we can see the game you were playing. In other games it might not have worked out that way.) So, if you add this logic, along with the exclusion of possible double Y4s and the seeing that there were no double Y2s, then playing the Y4 was 100% logical.

    But, I had to think of these possibilities and reason that all out for myself to be certain. ;)

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