• One clue, nine situations

    4-player game, 5-colour mode. I receive a 2 clue and my hand now looks like this:

    2 ? ? 2

    Let's see how situation affects interpretation. In the following situations, we are not too short on clue tokens and have never bombed (played a card wrongly).

    Knowing that:

    — 2s are good to save even when not playable, to avoid being screwed by a (near-)deck-bottom 2;
    — a play clue should be given as soon and as pure as possible;
    — a save clue is best given as late as possible;
    — including (near-)useless cards in clues should be avoided.

    1) Played: B2 G4 R1

    Might be a save clue on W2 and Y2. I may be holding W4 or Y4 preventing a pure colour save clue. I hold and wait.

    2) Played: B2 G4 R1 Y1
    R1 and Y1 have been in play for a few turns. I haven't discarded a 2 lately.

    Since rightmost 2 could have been clued sooner for me to play, it is not playable. Might well be W2. Playing the other one is not that risky. I play leftmost.

    3) Played: B2 G2 R1 W1
    W1 has just been played. I haven't discarded a 2 lately.

    Rightmost 2 might be W2, as it could not be clued sooner for me to play since W1 was not in play yet. Could also be R2 or Y2, with W2 on the left. I won't take a chance and will hold.

    4) Played: B2 G4 R1 W1 Y1
    I haven't discarded a 2 lately. My teammates have had opportunities to clue rightmost earlier if playable.

    I play leftmost and will very likely discard rightmost. If rightmost was any good, it would have been clued sooner in this situation.

    Situation might also encourage me to discard first (rightmost) and play later (leftmost).

    5) Played: B2 G4 R1 W1 Y1
    Y1 has just been played.

    If my chop 2 is B2 or G2, they could have let me discard it first, or clued colour on leftmost, so I will play rightmost first and then, unless told otherwise I will play the other one.

    6) Played: B2 G4 R2 W2 Y1
    Y1 has just been played.

    Same as above, except that I will discard leftmost if rightmost was playable.

    7) Played: B2 G4 R1
    I've just discarded a W2 that could have been saved.

    I suspect rightmost 2 is W2. I can't be sure my other one is not Y2. So I hold and wait.

    8) Played: B2 G4 R1 Y1
    I've just discarded a W2 that could have been saved.

    I suspect rightmost 2 is W2. It looks like I could attempt playing my leftmost 2. Low risk.

    9) Played: B2 G4 R1 Y1 W1
    I've just discarded a W2 that could have been saved.

    I suspect my chop 2 is W2. I play it. Then, unless I'm told otherwise, I'll play the other 2, low risk.



    These may be valid with other player counts than 4p. However 2-player is more tricky.

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