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    Here is what I mean when I say...

    Convention: a non-logical trick that is used by Hanabi players to achieve better scores.

    Example 1: if you clue a 5 as colour to someone, it means someone else has to play their chop card.
    Example 2: if you receive a clue that includes more than one card, play the newest one.

    Example 2 may shock you, because this would be a trick you use a lot. This trick, which I call "leftism", does have a logical origin. However, it turns out to be logical only in some situations, while you may be using them in most such situations. The situations where playing the newest is logical is when a card has been awaited for some time and shows up in a player's hand and that player is clued about this card and other non-chop cards. Then he can reflect - "hmmm... they had opportunities to clue me earlier, but they didn't, they chose to do it now. Eureka! They didn't clue because I didn't have the right card, now I do! I'll play my newest then".
    Does this thinking process really apply to all the cases where you play newest?

    Logic: any trick that is not a convention and could be figured out by a (smart) beginner when you 'inflict' it to them is logical. Logic does take a lot more effort to think and analyse than conventions, but I find it a lot more rewarding.

    Example: early game, only R1 is in play; you already know these two cards are red; now I tell you one of the two reds is a 5. You figure out it means the other red card is playable, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting a clue so stupidly (you weren't going to play any reds blindly).

    Basics: a set of many, many tricks that are required to master before playing with finesse. Although many players are forced to learn finesse from their very first games on BGA, finesse is a very advanced move. The best way to discover the basics is by forbidding finesse during your games.

    Hard as it may hurt their pride, few 'experts' and 'masters' know the basics.

    Right / left: on Boardgamearena, cards you draw are placed far left and you should discard to your right. Therefore, left means "towards the newest slot" and right means "towards the chop".

    Over-assuming – do you have what it takes for finesse? »

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