• Basics to understand logical leftism

    To be able to wrap your head around LL and figure out the logic behind it by yourself, you need to know the few basics that follow:

    You still discard from the right. There is no reason not to do so from the very beginning of the game, because you need to be predictable for your teammates.

    Doing otherwise would only be dangerously random.

    ‘Play’ clues should be given as soon as possible* (i.e. as soon as it is most efficient). Otherwise, your teammate might draw some card that will make the clue less efficient.

    Leftism logically results from this simple principle – when you receive an off-chop clue that hits multiple cards, ask yourself “did they intentionally skip an opportunity to give me that same clue earlier?

    - yes: strongly consider playing the newest one
    - no: strongly consider not playing

    *More generally, pure, efficient clues should be given as soon as possible.


    For applications of these principles into logical leftism, see these concrete situations.


    Also see:

    LL vs. CL – the differences.
    Is LL inferior to CL?

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